Rosemary Loves A Blackberry


Experimental electronic audio-visual artist and activist. Pussy Riot member.

Diana is a Pussy Riot member since 2011. She was a voice and drummer of Pussy Riot and she was one the girls dancing at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour that day, but was not found and arrested.   She was keeping this secret for more than 8 years. Now Diana is one of the Russy Riot’s Riot Days theater participants. She was taking part in collective feminist actions and performances in Russia. She performed there at art spaces, galleries, museum like Garage, MAMM (Multimedia Art Museum Moscow), Teatr.Doc, MMOMA etc. as well as night clubs and festivals.  Diana Burkot left Russia in March 2022.

Rosemary Loves A Blackberry is an interdisciplinary solo art project, focused on music and music-related research without any formal or stylistic limitations.

Diana Burkot graduated from the Moscow College of Improvised Music specializing in drums and percussion. She’s also graduated the Rodchenko Art School where she studied video-art and installations, which has led to her participation in exhibitions with music videos, sound installations and performances.

Diana first gained recognition as a drummer in the female noise-rock trio Fanny Kaplan. Having always been interested in music and the visual arts, she videotapes her daily life as well as creating more abstract short films. These videos are then dubbed with music from her project Rosemary Loves A Blackberry, and released by VHS Records, a label run by Diana and her friend Maria. The project’s sound is raw but touching, with cold waves of melodies full of drama and anticipation – all crowned with a sparkling high-pitched voice.

Rosemary Loves a Blackberry is an electronic music adventure, going further and darker with every step.

Whether it’s scratchy rave, experimental pop or swirling ambient sketches, there’s always an undertow of eeriness. That’s what caught the attention of Gazelle Twin, who released Rosemary Loves A Blackberry’s debut ‘❤’, on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray records in 2017, followed by “snowfake” via Smikkelbaard. The trained improv musician’s background as a drummer in bands such as Fanny Kaplan shines through in the beats of her new songs, while her voice floats above the fog of drones and synth melodies. A clearly contemporary sound with a passion for passé.

“Intense beats and wails of electronic drones underpin Woozy melody and hazy vocals. Lyrically it gives a knowing wink and a smiley emoji; its borderline irony feeds the self-referential parody of social media, becoming part of a validation culture and ultimately turning that all back in on itself. Capturing the raw and joyful experimentation of those amazing early Grimes and Laurel Halo releases with the fresh energy and darkness of Marie Davidson, this is a really exciting release of the highest order. “ About ‘❤’ by Anti-Ghost Moon Ray records.

“Moscow-based abstract electronic artist rosemary loves a blackberry proves to be a one-woman powerhouse show of the highest order. Showing off her agility, the trained dancer and singer hangs from the rafters at times and writhes on the pit floor at others. Synchronised with the music, the artist’s movements are unquestionably an arresting physical manifestation of her off-kilter sound. Sustained lo-fi synth parts and beats make up much of a soundscape which underpins otherworldly, echoing vocals.” Gigwise about the show at MMW

Rosemary loves A Blackberry deal a breathless and dark shapeshifting electro pop — all moody soundscapes and a moody discomfort”. Louder Than War.