Perforated Cerebral Party



Heavy swinging techno slowed down to 90bpm, rasping bass-line, dark melodies

Country: Russia

Label:  Somatik Sounds

Perforated Cerebral Party is the project by Tsaritsa Logiki and Vova PCP.

They play slow rave, a hybride of slowed down electro/techno with deep dirty bass lines and industrial influences. PCP are a part
of the new ghettopsychedelic futuristic music wave from S-Petersburg called “somatik”.

Their music and their philosophy reflects the perception of the new generation raised in the concrete jungle: cyberpunks,posthumanists,acid fed internet freaks.

Somatik Sounds label

Somatik Techno is – in other words – Biomechano. The first tracks of this sort were recorded as cover – versions, tributes to John Balance of “Coil” (2004) & Klaus Nomi (2006). The idea was to make dark, slow techno, resembling a funeral march. Soon more artists found the heavy, “rusty” groove, dark melodies & rasping bass-line’s of Somatik Techno appealing and this style originated in S-Petersburg, gained followers in Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Ireland and across Russian Federation.