Chillera is a three girls band from Odessa, Ukraine, currently based in Berlin.

While using a classic set-up of live drums, bass and rhythm guitar, masterfully layered with dub echo/delay effects, Chillera delivers a playful yet ingenious psychedelic sound, aimed to melt down your hearts and tingle your ears with Black Sea breezes.

According to their visionary Kiev label Muscut, Chillera “mixes together the berries of surf rock, dub-rhythms ripened on the southern soil and greens of funky ornaments. It sounds juicy, naturalistic, relaxed and, most importantly, fresh.”

Imagine chilling on a warm sunny day whenever and wherever you are in time and space. That’s precisely what our next band, Chillera, is about: always true to its name. Anya Brizhata, Polina Matskevich and Nastya Marikutsa, the Odessa-based band members, translate their chill through a unique blend of surf rock, dub rhythms, and funk; preferring traditional instruments to a synthesized sound. With these girls, it’s all about tranquility and appreciation-fueled music.

Chillera performed at Fusion festival, Germany 2022, Riviera Festival and Konferenz Offenbach Germany 2022, At.tension festival Germany 2022, Norpas festival Finland 2022, Sõru sadam festival, Sõru sadam Estonia 2022, Meakusma festival Belgium 2018, Intonal festival Sweden 2019, Mägede Hääl festival Estonia – 2019, Spettro festival Italy – 2022


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interview with Chillera

Imagine yourself chilling on the sunny sea coast during summertime, among mountains, salty air, cypresses and junipers, listening to dub and wistfully nodding your head to the rhythm. It is not a meditative mantra, though. It is the Odessa band Chillera, listening to which, you can easily move yourself to these landscapes.

Not only their creativity but the whole atmosphere of our conversation suggests such associations. Anya Brizhata, Polina Matskevich, and Nastya Marikutsa speak smoothly and confidently. Their speech sounds tranquil and connection with nature seems unquestionable. As if the environment and the rhythm of the southern resort town found in them the very embodiment they searched for. 

Chillera started in Crimea where Anya and Polina worked together at a construction site. For three summer months after a hard day’s work, they played musical instruments, listened to hi-life and King Tubby, and enjoyed the beauty of the Crimean landscapes. Some workers wore jackets with “Chillers” labels of air conditioning systems, that turned into the band’s name “Chillera,” that signifies relaxation, meditation, and chill. Read more on Tight media