alyona alyona is a female hip-hop sensation from Ukraine.

alyona alyona is a hip-hop project of a young teacher who lives in a village in Kiev region. The young teacher quickly became popular in her country, putting her first video on the web. Over the 2 months of the project’s existence, its clips collected over 3 million views. Alyona alyona – real freshman from the Ukrainian village.

alyona alyona gained popularity after the release of her first video for the song “Рибки” (“Fishes”). It went viral and collected more than a million views on YouTube. This song almost immediately gave alyona alyona status of “hip-hop sensation” and “the main hope of Ukrainian rap”. Attention also was drawn by the fact that Alyona works as a kindergarten teacher. Main Ukrainian TV channels (such as “1 + 1”, “ICTV”, “TRK Ukraine”) filmed this story.

At the end of 2018, alyona alyona announced her first concert in Kiev and a future tour in the cities of Ukraine and Europe.
alyona alyona was noticed and supported by main music media, journalists and critics – The Flow, Comma, Meduza, Karabas Live, the TV channel Dozhd, MTV. The media have included her in the list of main musical discoveries of 2018. Also, alyona alyona is nominated for the prestigious Ukrainian award YUNA-2019 as “Best hip-hop hit” with the song “Рибки” (“Fishes”).
The debut album by alyona alyona has already become the most anticipated release of 2019.

The first video “Рибки” (“Fishes”) was shot by freshman producer Delta Arthur. The second one “Рибки 2” (Fishes 2) is a parody of a show for kid’s in David Lynch style. The video was made by Israeli director Jan Bolotov.

The second single “Голови” (“Heads”) is a deep and meaningful song, supplemented by a stylish b&w video from Sasha Prilutsky (

The third single “Відчиняй” (“Open up”) is a hip-hop manifesto to a new generation. The director of the video is Jan Bolotov.

A video for the song “Залишаю свій дім» (“Leaving my home”) got most views. The director Delta Arthur showed the personal history of alyona alyona of how she leaves her home and moves to the big city. Namely Kiev – the capital of Ukraine.

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“Залишаю свій дім» (“Leaving my home”)

“Відчиняй” (“Open up”)

“Голови” (“Heads”)

“Рибки” (“Fishes”)